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Ruth Favela
By Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela is's AI Marketer. She draws on over 5 years of experience as an editor, writer, and social media manager for AI startups, B2B SaaS, and B2C products. In her role, Ruth focuses on using AI tools to create customer-first content for the various industries has solutions for. She writes about weather innovations, AI/ML modeling, weather API applications, weather AI use cases, and much more.
Oct 18, 2023· 5 min, 16 sec

The Generative AI Weather API

    This blog was originally published on LinkedIn by Cole Swain, VP of Product at 

    We are in an age of transformative AI.

    Do you ever wonder how leading companies are taking the next step beyond exploration? 

    They’re actively building practical generative AI applications to connect data and uncover insights across operations. 

    By harnessing large language models, many of these apps aim to monitor the pulse of business, flagging areas that need attention at the right time in an actionable and easy-to-understand snapshot. 

    Businesses seek to inform the AI tools they’re building with accurate data to provide the right context for their insights. To spot meaningful signals in vast amounts of data, the AIs need environmental context and must know where to look, when to focus, and how to choose which events are significant enough to surface.

    As teams distill this process, the infrastructure guiding the AI is crucial — the instructions steering it become the cornerstone. 

    And when it comes to weather data, context becomes even more important.

    Weather in Context 

    Across all sectors, weather conditions directly impact costs, efficiency, and safety, and, at points, can create opportunity — from supply chains and travel disruptions to farming practices, energy demand, and infrastructure to event management and emergency response. Many organizational leaders we’ve had the fortune of speaking with face the similar challenge of making their AI applications weather-aware to drive legitimate decision-making from their suggestions.

    Our Generative AI Weather API has developed an AI-optimized Weather Intelligence Platform to empower generative AI with weather context. Companies configure protocols and trigger thresholds tied to their locations, assets, and workflows through an intuitive no-code interface. This can be done after training datasets against the 20-year weather archive, through pre-ordained knowledge of operational best practices, or via our preset industry templates available in the platform.

    These tailored protocols allow weather intelligence to detect and structure weather events and alerts containing global operational context across current, historical, and predictive timeframes. Rather than simply returning unfiltered meteorological data, our platform extracts signals according to each user’s configured needs. It’s like monitoring your cloud infrastructure for digital events; just the clouds are real in this case. 

    In short, our Weather Intelligence Platform allows you to configure monitoring protocols and severity thresholds tied to your daily business operations. 

    How empowers organizations to standardize and automate operating protocols.

    Each event payload contains start/end times, severity, confidence, impacted locations/assets, forecast details, recommended workflows, notification lists, and more.

    Bridging the Weather Context Gap

    While raw weather data is abundant, sifting through weather data to identify operationally relevant signals is complex. Generic weather APIs provide blanket forecast and historical data lacking the situational awareness that would allow an AI assistant to surface helpful advisories or alerts without building this all into its own code base, which is complicated and requires much-tailored knowledge.

    Hardcoding every weather variable, location, threshold, and potential disruption into an AI system without environmental awareness is unrealistic and costly. Without building this system, you run the risk of AI hallucinations if operational insights are the goal. Businesses need a way to bridge this context gap efficiently while optimizing weather data specifically for integration with generative AI.

    The Weather Intelligence Platform Dashboard

    Each block is an event that is fully able to alert you or able to be queried for in the Tomorrow API.

    Use Cases

    Our customers are also enabling their generative AI applications with weather intelligence for use cases, including:

    • Operational weather reporting and dispatch
    • Optimizing logistics and inventory planning around delivery delays
    • Data-driven crop management and harvesting
    • Proactive inventory, scheduling, and routing adjustments
    • Renewable energy power production
    • Critical infrastructure hardening and inspection
    • Demand forecasting and incentive management

    Their AI accesses our platform’s structured events and protocols to receive operationally-relevant weather alerts that drive automated decisions.

    Without our platform, teams would have to pull massive raw weather data sets and manually encode location thresholds, severity scales, notifications, workflows, uncertainty handling, etc., required for sound application output.

    The Value of Accurate Data

    Like any AI,’s capabilities are only as valuable as the dataset they pull from. 

    Besides offering robust, cutting-edge generative AI applications, we’re also dramatically expanding available data over the world’s weather data gaps by launching a constellation of weather radar satellites

    The data our constellation receives from space will feed into our models, providing unprecedented decision support based on not only breakthrough forecasting methods but an unmatched set of observations.

    Our initial pathfinder satellites, Tomorrow-R1 and Tomorrow-R2, for example, are now delivering precipitation scans of what will be the world’s richest and most comprehensive precipitation dataset. 

    Backed by this first-of-its-kind data, users have a competitive edge in fueling their business outcomes, whatever they may be.

    Get Started Quickly

    Our developer-friendly platform lets you easily integrate weather data into your AI stack. Our documentation, tutorials, client libraries, and intuitive API allow your AI to start responding to weather intelligently in days, not weeks.

    Gale – Our Own Generative AI Assistant Leveraging These Techniques!

    We built our own AI assistant, Gale, using our Weather Insights Platform and Events API. 

    Gale demonstrates how generative AI can leverage tailored weather protocols to provide contextualized, situationally-aware insights to users. 

    Gale was recently featured on the NBC Nightly News. Gale loves to answer questions about the forecast, climate, and operations and can build reports for you when you need them. 

    This is just the beginning for Gale. 

    Click here to follow along as Gale continues to drive operations forward for customers. 

    About is the world’s leading weather intelligence and climate adaptation platform.

    Supercharged by next-generation space technology, cutting-edge generative AI, and proprietary modeling capabilities, global leaders including JetBlue, Fox Sports, The United States Air Force, Ford, and Uber rely on to solve their weather and climate-related challenges. From innovative early warning systems to actionable insights, organizations can predict impact, mitigate risk, and ensure operational resilience with Join the weather intelligence revolution at

    How Will You Turn This Into Insights?

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