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Ed Carroll
By Ed Carroll
Ed Carroll
Ed Carroll
Ed Carroll is the Director of State and Local Government Strategy at, the weather intelligence platform. He previously worked as the Chief Meteorologist at WBZ/CBS Boston for more than 12 years, winning awards for his coverage of local weather. Originally from Quincy, Mass., he has a lovely wife Amy of 25 years, 3 kids, and is an avid runner and steak lover.
Mar 24, 2021· 1 min, 24 sec

Quincy, Mass. Becomes First City In The U.S. To Use Weather Intelligence Platform

quincy ma weather intelligence platform

Quincy, Massachusetts is officially the first city in the U.S. to fully implement a weather intelligence platform,, to take the guesswork out of city operations. will help the city make better decisions on snow removal, which will save taxpayers money and improve safety during winter storms.

Because of the topography along the shoreline, the weather can change dramatically and from one place to another within the city itself. In order to see insights in different areas of the city, weather intelligence places digital monitors in strategic areas so the city can better deploy crew and have a better understanding of the microclimates ahead of time and get ahead of storms. 

Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch said he’s never seen anything with this level of detail. 

He told WBZ, “It can be raining in Hough’s Neck; it could be four inches of snow in the hills of West Quincy. Having the ability to actually identify streets and neighborhoods and gives us feedback and information like that, it is really tremendous. It will allow us to be far more efficient with the taxpayer dollars.”

Coming soon,’s hyperlocal forecasts will improve even more with “Operation Tomorrow Space.” In 2022, Operation Tomorrow Space will launch dozens of small satellites into space to fill in weather forecasting gaps. 

This space technology is something all cities can and should take advantage of.  

Though Quincy is the first city to harness’s weather intelligence technology, it won’t be the last. To learn more about how your city could be more efficient and manage the weather operationally, get a free demo of’s Weather Intelligence Platform.

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