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Shimon Elkabetz
By Shimon Elkabetz
Shimon Elkabetz
Shimon Elkabetz
Shimon Elkabetz is the Co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow.io (formerly ClimaCell). He served in the Israeli Air Force for 11 years where he experienced multiple near-death weather-related experiences - stoking a deep fascination with weather. He holds a BA in economics from Ben Gurion University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.
Apr 10, 2024· 3 min, 36 sec

Operationalizing Resilience: From Intelligence to Action with Tomorrow.io

The world is waking up to a stark reality: extreme weather, fueled by climate change, is now the greatest threat to global business operations. The World Economic Forum’s 2024 Global Risks Report paints a harrowing picture, with potential financial losses exceeding $350 billion and profound implications for safety and continuity. This landscape demands not just awareness but action.

This urgency is underscored by the SEC’s recently adopted rules requiring public companies to enhance and standardize their climate-related disclosures. The rules mandate companies to disclose climate-related risks that have had or are likely to have a material impact on their business, strategy, and outlook, as well as their efforts to mitigate or adapt to these risks. This regulatory shift is a clear signal that climate resilience is no longer a nice-to-have, but a business imperative.

When Tomorrow.io was founded in 2016, we recognized that the traditional approach to weather—reactive, passive, and disconnected from business strategy—was no longer sufficient. We pioneered the concept of weather intelligence, transforming raw data into actionable insights that companies could use to inform critical decisions. It was a paradigm shift, moving from hindsight to foresight, from response to readiness.

As the climate crisis intensified, so too did the business community’s understanding of its impacts. Adaptation emerged as the next frontier, a recognition that organizations needed to not just anticipate weather events, but fundamentally adjust their operations to minimize disruption. Tomorrow.io was at the forefront of this evolution, developing industry-specific solutions that integrated weather insights directly into business planning and execution.

Yet, as the frequency and severity of climate events continued to escalate, it became clear that adaptation, while necessary, was not sufficient. Industry leaders demanded more—not just the ability to bounce back from climate shocks, but to bounce forward, stronger and more prepared than before. This is the essence of resilience.

Resilience represents a holistic, proactive approach to managing climate risk. It’s about embedding weather intelligence into an organization’s DNA, from its physical infrastructure to its operational processes to its strategic decision-making. It’s about building systems that are not just resistant to climate disruption but antifragile—growing stronger in the face of adversity. Resilience is not just a government or climate-specific concern but a critical imperative for businesses across all sectors.

At Tomorrow.io, we’ve been architecting resilience from the ground up. Our solutions, powered by proprietary modeling, advanced AI, and an unrivaled constellation of radar satellites, provide businesses with the predictive insights they need to make informed decisions in the face of climate volatility. But we’re not just providing data; we’re enabling transformation.

Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of our Resilience Platform, a groundbreaking solution that empowers organizations to integrate comprehensive resilience strategies directly into their operations. With the Resilience Platform, companies can access tailored insights, actionable intelligence, and robust planning tools, all designed to reduce risk, minimize costs, and ensure continuity in the face of escalating climate challenges.

As Walbridge Senior Vice President Eric Twigg notes,

“With the Tomorrow.io platform, Walbridge has significantly strengthened our operational resilience, enabling us to allocate resources efficiently to minimize waste and maximize productivity to meet project delivery schedules. Most importantly, it helps us ensure the safety of our team members and jobsite personnel as well as project assets by anticipating and properly preparing for adverse weather events.”

A key feature of this solution is our “Resilience Dashboards,” which enable companies to create and manage against specific resilience goals for any operational scenario.


The Resilience Platform represents the culmination of our journey from intelligence to adaptation to resilience. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation in the face of the defining challenge of our time. And it’s an invitation to business leaders everywhere to join us on the frontlines of the resilience revolution.

The path ahead is not easy, but it is essential. As the climate crisis accelerates, so must our response. At Tomorrow.io, we’re proud to be leading the charge towards proactive, strategic resilience, but we know we can’t do it alone. Building weather-wise organizations capable of not just surviving climate change but driving solutions to it is a collective endeavor.

So let us move forward together, armed with the intelligence, the tools, and the resolve to create a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous tomorrow. The time for resilience is now.

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