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Shimon Elkabetz
By Shimon Elkabetz
Shimon Elkabetz
Shimon Elkabetz
Shimon Elkabetz is the Co-founder and CEO of (formerly ClimaCell). He served in the Israeli Air Force for 11 years where he experienced multiple near-death weather-related experiences - stoking a deep fascination with weather. He holds a BA in economics from Ben Gurion University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.
Mar 30, 2021· 5 min, 24 sec

My Last Day as CEO of Climacell


Today is my last day at 

As CEO and Co-Founder, it is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. Not because I am leaving the company, however. 

Rather because today, we announced that in addition to our series D funding, we are also changing the name of our company. 

Say hello and please give a warm welcome to


This is not a decision we took lightly, and it is one we have been working on for almost a year. So why now? Why make the change? We have spent the last 5 years building, establishing a brand, and gaining recognition. We have created innovative technology, signed hundreds of the largest companies in the world, launched a consumer app used by millions, and more. 

The truth is, we didn’t choose our new name. It chose us. perfectly captures everything that businesses, individuals, and countries want from the weather industry. is not a weather company. We are not a meteorologist consulting-based company. 

We are a technology company disrupting the weather industry. We do not focus on broad forecasts or raw weather data, but rather on the predictive impact of forecasted weather to enable operational and actionable insights. Climate change makes weather events more frequent and more volatile, and CEOs should start thinking about weather intelligence in the same way they think about their Cybersecurity strategy. They need to think of tomorrow.

As we look forward towards a new generation of what a weather company is and what it can do; towards the change that the world has been demanding for years to have access to better weather capabilities; we look to, and we help our customers better manage their tomorrow.

Raising Our Series D Funding

In addition to our name change, I also mentioned our new funding, which brings our total funding now to more than $185 million. We are fortunate to have world-class investors including SquarePeg, Canaan, Pitango, Fontinalis Partners, SoftBank, Ford, JetBlue – and we now welcome Stonecourt Capital to as the lead on our Series D. 

How will we use the new funding?

As we move into our next phase as a company, it’s amazing to think how far we have come, but even more so what lies ahead of us. 

  • SaaS: Our global SaaS business has seen exciting hypergrowth across North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC in the past few years with a 200% net revenue retention rate and 850% ACV growth during the past 2 years. We have also designed the only multi-vertical weather intelligence platform and air quality offering being used by industries including automotive, aviation, construction, energy, healthcare, insurance, maritime and port operations, on-demand, rail, sports and outdoors, technology, and more. Given the fact we are disrupting an industry with a $4 trillion TAM with momentum, we want to move even faster.
  • Technology: You may have also seen our announcement in February, Operation Tomorrow Space. In case you missed it, we are building the first-of-its-kind proprietary satellites equipped with radar, and launching them into space to improve weather monitoring and forecasting capabilities. This is a once-in-a-generation discovery our team has made with decades of value to come. You can now follow along with all of our advancements in both space and weather on our website. We launched for all our space updates, in addition to tomorrow.wx to highlight our scientific leadership and advancements in the most cutting edge observations and models, incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Quickly Growing Ventures: Our consumer app is being used by millions, is bringing weather to developing nations around the world, and our small business offering which we put in market earlier this year is already moving in an exciting direction.

Those are the general areas in which we’ll be using our funding as we continue to build upon our base of global employees (we are also hiring), which brings me to my final point.

A Momentous Offering of Gratitude and Thanks

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank every past and present employee of Truly, thank you to all past employees, we would not be here without you. Thank you to our current employees, we would not be able to embark on our next phase of growth without each and every one of you, and you deserve the recognition here today:

Thank you:

Abhi Chakraborty, Adi Carmel, Alan Hawley, Alec Korba, Ali Noel, Allison Reed Harris, Alon Nativ, Amir Cohen, Amir Givati, Andre Pattantyus, Andrew Dudley, Andrey Geiserman, Asaf Lev Ari, Asia Leibman, Aviv Wolf, Aviv Shafir, Aya Tofach, Ayala Rudoy, Baljit Singh, Benny Frachtenberg, Reece Todd, Brian McKenna, Cailin Fitzpatrick, Cara Hogan, Chinmay Kulkarni, Chris Hovanic, Christopher MacDonald, Cole Swain, Collin Burke, Dan Dupuis, Daniel Slagen, Daniel Rothenberg, David Miller, Doron Cohen, Dudu Basher, Ed Carroll, Effie Arditi, Elad Rahmin, Emily Cook, Emily Generazio, Eran Bhenam, Evan McNamara, Fitz Aaron, Guy Barkat, Gareth Goh, Georgina Campbell Flatter, Giora Shevach, Grace Gagnon, Guy Maylatt, Henry Katz, George Randolph, Igor Davydkin, Itai Zlotnik, Itamar Biton, Jacob Klain, Jeff Winton, John Springmann, John Orcutt, John L’Heureux, Jonathan Shamay Draluck, Jon Oxtoby, Joseph Musmanno, Joe Bartlett, Justin Minsk, Kris Booker, Leeran Yarhi, Leigha Kemmett, Liad Berko, Roni Shalev, Logan Karsten, Loren Brindze, Luke Peffers, Mark Bauman, Masami Nakamura, Matan Faragi, Max Marchand, Meg Cragan, Michael Canty, Michael Matonis, Michaela Koscher, Michal Zarfaty, Michal Susz, Micheal Huguet, Monica Leal Crombe, Nadav Itach, Nati Levi, Nereida Restrepo, Nick Biermann, Nicholas Cardillicchio, Nicole Batista, Nitsan Shushan, Noah Grey, Noam Hashimshony, Noam Zweig, Omer Sella-Tunis, Omer Niv, Oren Elbaz, Oshri Azran, Osnat Barak, Phil Cahill, Ranny Bloch, Rei Goffer, Roy Sahaf, Sankalp Kohli, Sara Jarjoura, Sara Satterfield, Sean Miller, Seyyed Mohammad, Iman Gohari, Shahar Ben Moshe, Shira Sarfatti, Simone Kaplan, Stanley Biryukov, Steve Eill, Thomas Cavett, Tomer Gueta, Tomer Coreanu, Tzach Klo, Vera Mordehayev, Vicki Hsu, Wallace Hogsett, Yarden Lapidot, Yossi Shmueli, Yossi Eynav, Yu Cheng,

We have an amazing team and I am so thankful to be on this ride with all of you as we continue disrupting the future of weather and air quality through our weather intelligence platform and proprietary technology. 

Be well, and we look forward to sharing more exciting updates from



Co-Founder and CEO of

P.S. – Want to learn more about our funding and space initiative? DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER FOR CLIMACON NOW!

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