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Gareth Goh
By Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh is a product marketing manager at Tomorrow.io, working on the company's enterprise and SMB products. He previously worked at DataRobot, an AI startup, and InsightSquared, a sales analytics startup, in the Boston area. When he isn't diving into weather technology he enjoys spending time with his young baby and watching sports.
Jan 4, 2022· 2 min, 6 sec

How to Close the Loop on Weather Insights with Alerts Acknowledgments

Our mission at Tomorrow.io is simple – help countries, companies, and people impacted by severe and extreme weather events better manage that disruptive impact with the help of actionable weather insights and automated decision-making.

It’s not enough to just have an accurate hyperlocal weather forecast of what’s about to happen in your local area; people need to know how this weather event will specifically impact them and what mitigating decisions they can make. But if a weather insight alert message is sent out and nobody sees it, does it make a sound?  

To that end, we’re incredibly excited to announce our latest launch: alerts acknowledgments! Our goal with the platform and with this feature is to give admins peace of mind that automated alerts featuring important weather insights are actually being seen and the required actions are being taken. With a simple acknowledgment, all stakeholders can sufficiently close the loop between weather forecast, weather insight, and action taken.

Alerts acknowledgements ensure that the message is received and the job is done.

Tomorrow.io's alerts acknowledgements close the loop between message sent and job done.

With traditional automated alerts, Tomorrow.io users can set up alerts paired to insights that are triggered when specific weather thresholds were met, which then alerts stakeholders to take action. Stadium managers, for example, would use alerts to automatically communicate to field operators, dispatch managers to truck drivers on the road, air control managers to crew on the tarmac. But historically, that’s essentially where the Tomorrow.io platform’s job would end.

With the addition of alerts acknowledgment, administrators can (and should) build required receipt acknowledgment directly into their workflows. This will give them much greater confidence that the recipient has seen the insight and alert and has taken the necessary actions. 

Admins will also have access to an audit log to view and filter all the alerts that have been sent and received by all stakeholders within their organization. Sort by ones that weren’t acknowledged for whatever reason to spot trends and improve workflows, or add comments to particularly unique situations for record-keeping purposes.

Tomorrow.io's alerts acknowledgements close the loop between message sent and job done.

With the release of both Acknowledgments and the Audit Log, we want to support operational workflows that depend on automated alerts by closing the loop between message sent and job done. This will hopefully give admins a much greater peace of mind knowing that their broadcast messages have been seen and received. 


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