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By Tomorrow.io
Nov 6, 2019· 2 min, 34 sec

Beyond Weather Forecasting: Tomorrow.io Launches Insights Dashboard That Can Predict How Weather Will Affect Businesses

Boston, November 6th, 2019 – Tomorrow.io, the weather technology company, announced today the launch of Insights Dashboard. A tool that enables decision makers in industries vulnerable to changing weather conditions to prepare for the elements with confidence. Insights Dashboard compresses data about the weather into quick, comprehensible insights, allowing users to understand where, when, and how their business will be affected at a glance.

Without Insights Dashboard, weather-sensitive industries must spend significant amounts of time analyzing multiple weather parameters across a variety of locations to understand their impact on daily operations. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, weather and climate-related disasters have cost the U.S. economy close to $100 billion per year over the last five years

Insights Dashboard derives actionable insights from the weather and can track how it affects specific industries in various locations. 

Tomorrow.io clients like Delta, JetBlue, and Via are now armed with a tool to help plan ahead, reduce risk, and improve productivity by spending less time monitoring the weather and more time focusing on getting the job done right.

The aviation industry can use Insights Dashboard’s hyper-accurate forecasts to help crews prepare for deicing events, enabling them to decide which materials to use and precisely how many people to staff.

The energy sector can visualize where the greatest wildfire threats are and prepare to dispatch operations in response. Insights Dashboard can also help track areas that are at risk for potential outages and take proper measures to safeguard against such occurrences.

Construction and pavement businesses will know exactly when to not pour concrete, avoiding costly and environmentally hazardous wash-outs. In addition, Insights Dashboard makes it possible to monitor and anticipate the drying and curing times of materials such as pavement, concrete, and seal-coater.

On-demand transit providers also stand to benefit from utilizing Insights Dashboard, since it provides the kind of insights that help manage and distribute fleets more efficiently. Being able to monitor consumer-related weather behavior also helps this industry to optimize operations.

The outdoor event industry is yet another segment of the economy that Insights Dashboard will help. Event organizers will get real time data about relevant weather parameters to manage climate controls at their respective venues, resulting in faster and more effective responses to changing climates.

Insights Dashboard is powered by Tomorrow.io’s patented MicroWeather OS, which applies AI and machine learning technology to produce unparalleled accuracy in weather forecasting. 

In combination with the company’s historical weather data, Tomorrow.io’s AI-driven models use historical business performance data to create tailored insights to predict business outcomes and drive more informed, data-driven decisions.

“What’s so exciting, even revolutionary, about the Insights Dashboard is that it goes far beyond forecasting the weather.We have created the most accurate picture of the weather the world has ever known. Everyone from the owners of a local construction company to a multinational energy giant stand to benefit from getting a better insight on how the weather impacts their specific business at any given point in time,” commented Shimon Elkabetz, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tomorrow.io.

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