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Oct 2, 2019· 1 min, 49 sec Announces Procore Partnership

Have you ever experienced project-related weather delays?, the weather technology company, today announced a partnership with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software. With this partnership, construction companies will have access to’s hyper accurate, minute-by-minute, site-level forecasts and alerts, impacting operations, safety, and the bottom line.  

As part of the partnership, HyperCast,’s next-generation weather forecasting dashboard, will be integrated into the Procore platform as an Embedded App through the recently launched Embedded Experience. Embedded Experience allows Procore customers, partners and third-party developers to insert apps within Procore, so they can be engaged directly through the user interface. Embedded Apps improve workflows, simplify application management and allow users to customize their Procore experience.

Using HyperCast, construction companies will have access to historical, real-time, and forecast weather information – from rain and snow to lightning, visibility, extreme temperatures and much more – at any specific location. This level of accuracy and specificity on changing weather conditions will allow construction companies to improve labor productivity, decrease project delays, ensure worker safety, maximize risk management, and automatically log daily weather to mitigate equipment and material damage.  

“Weather is a common source of delay for construction projects and a huge safety concern.’s integration with Procore allows for real-time access to hyper-local weather information from the jobsite and directly within Procore. Understanding weather is critical to field operations to keep their people safe and on schedule,” said Samantha Journey, Business Development Manager at Procore Technologies.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Procore, a company that has taken a leadership role in bringing technology to the construction industry,” said Ian Tallett Director of Business Partnerships at  “Weather is a huge factor for construction companies and we are excited to offer this weather-sensitive industry forecasts and insights they can actually rely on. With the – Procore Embedded Experience, construction companies can now get the specific, customizable weather forecasts they need to make informed decisions that impact crews, customers and the bottom line; What, Where, When and How.” 

To learn more about how Procore and are working together visit Procore’s App Marketplace here.

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