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A First-Hand Look At Why This Week’s Tornadoes Demand Climate Adaptation

March 25, 2022·2 minutes

Earlier this week, a deadly tornado tore through New Orleans and left behind unimaginable damage. Louisiana residents, including me, are no strangers to severe weather – heavy rain, floods, and category 5 hurricanes. And unfortunately, we’ve become all too familiar with the idea of rebuilding homes, businesses, and communities after weather damage.

It’s been less than a year since Hurricane Ida hit, and now, another 12,000 homes have already been damaged. This week’s storm has left countless citizens displaced from yet another destructive weather event.

As a Louisiana resident myself, I can say this confidently: We don’t need another extreme weather event to strike in order to be convinced that climate change is putting our communities at risk. We must equip our cities, businesses, and neighbors with advanced warnings through hyperlocal weather data so that together, we and our loved ones can learn to become climate resilient.

As seen below, I spent the entire day yesterday monitoring the conditions headed my way through Tomorrow.io’s weather and climate security  platform. I was in constant communication with my family and friends and with the help of weather intelligence, I was able to ensure everyone was updated about the potential risks and how to remain safe. We were among the lucky ones who were far west of the storm, but others weren’t so fortunate.

Despite the fear associated with the dangerous conditions, it was an empowering experience to use Tomorrow.io as a tool – and benefit from our product in the exact same way we enable our customers to prepare for extreme weather. Having experienced two volatile weather events firsthand in Louisiana over the past year alone, I’ve never felt more inclined to advocate that weather intelligence is a necessity for everyone, businesses and individuals alike.

Learn more at Tomorrow.io 

Yuval Caspi
Yuval Caspi

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