Wet Weather Forecast for the West Coast

March 3, 2022·2 minutes

Wet weather and cooler temperatures are headed toward the western side of the U.S., following a historically dry period in California. 

The low-pressure system that brought heavy rain over the Pacific Northwest earlier this week is moving south and east. This same system will spread rain showers and mountain snow over 

California, the Southwest, and the Great Basin. The Sierra Nevada may get between 1-2 feet of snow by Saturday morning. 

This wet weather comes after a historically dry period in California. 

January through February 2022 was the driest period on record, in 127 years, in nearly all of northern and central California, northern Nevada, and Utah. 

As reported by The Washington Post, the first few months of the year should be the wettest; however, California saw little to no precipitation. 

In other parts of the U.S., the National Weather Service warns against fire conditions worsening in the High Plains this weekend. Temperatures will be 20-30 degrees above average. These warmer temperatures combined with strong winds and low relative humidity create an elevated fire risk for the southern and central plains.  

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Grace Gagnon is the Product Marketing Manager of Tomorrow.io's B2C app. She previously worked at ProfitWell, a pricing optimization platform. Prior to entering the startup world, Grace worked as a television news reporter at WBNG-TV, where she covered severe weather and breaking news. Outside of Tomorrow, Grace enjoys reading, walking her dog, and crafting.

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