Will Tropical Storm Nepartak Impact the Tokyo Olympics? 

Tropical Storm Nepartak is forecast to hit Japan on Tuesday, but meteorologists and Olympics organizers claim it is unlikely to cause a disruption. 

Tomorrow.io meteorologists said the system has most likely reached peak intensity and is weakening into a subtropical storm. 

Here’s a breakdown of the latest forecast. 

Tropical Storm Nepartak Full Forecast

Currently, the storm system is tracking westward but will start heading north on Monday night. The storm’s center is expected to hit around 11 a.m. JST on Tuesday, about 160 miles northeast of Tokyo. 

Currently, Tokyo has seen some rain with sustained winds around 29-45 km/hr (18-28 mph), with gusts as high as 51 km/hr (32 mph). 

Wind gusts could reach 64 km/hr (40mph) Tuesday morning, with decreasing winds as Nepartak reaches the land. Rain chances are highest through the morning, then will turn into scattered showers Tuesday afternoon into the evening. 

According to BBC, Olympics organizers have no current plans to change any events, and the Tokyo 2020 spokesperson Masa Takaya said people “shouldn’t be too worried” but “maintain precautions.” 





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