Weekend Forecast: Snow, Thunderstorms, & Flooding In Parts Of The U.S.

Anything goes weather-wise in April. A snowstorm is raging in the Rockies, Plains, and the Northeast on Friday. 

The National Weather Service said snow over the central High Plains would taper off later in the day on Friday, while wet, heavy snow will spread across the Northeast. The snow is expected to linger over the Colorado Rockies and head into New Mexico over the weekend. 

The NWS also predicts a compact coastal storm developing off the New England Coast, bringing gusty winds, heavy rainfall, and potentially 4 to 10 inches of wet snow. 

It’s not just snow we’re dealing with. 

The Central Plains are expected to get showers and thunderstorms Friday and head to the Gulf Coast during the weekend. 

A flash flood watch has been extended into Saturday due to an additional 4 inches of rain that could cause more flooding. 

Parts of southern Louisiana have already seen up to half a foot of rain in the last 24 hours–flooding streets and neighborhoods. 

Given the unpredictability of April weather, we’ve been monitoring Twitter for reactions. 

What People Are Saying: 

Winter got a head start…and a late finish: 

When you wish your weather app were lying: 

Hate it or love it; Friday’s snowfall is picture-perfect. 

But, we do feel for the trees and flowers that started to bloom: