Damaged trees after hail

How to Rehabilitate Trees After Hail

If you experienced heavy hailing, your trees might be damaged. Their rehabilitation is possible. This article includes important information and tips on how to heal your trees. If you know someone who was also affected by hail, share this guide, so they can learn how to rehabilitate trees after hail.

How Can Hail Impact Your Trees?

The damages caused by hail can be severe and cause a lot of loss for you. Trees are often stripped of leaves and fruit. Moreover, if hail doesn’t strip the leaves, it can bruise them, make holes in them, or tear them, which exposes your tree to more diseases.

Very often, hailing breaks stems and branches. If you have fruits on your trees, they can get bruised or be knocked to the ground. It’s rare that hailing damages flowers. However, it can knock off flowers from the tree.

All wounds that appear on your tree, whether on the fruit, bark, leaves, or branches, can attract pests and diseases. This is why you have to act fast to save your trees.


  • If there are any severely damaged stems or branches, take them away from the tree to prevent infection of the healthy tree. After doing that, find the injured stems of branches and seal them.
  • If the trees that were affected by hailing are young, be sure to proceed with summer pruning. This way, you can retrain them and optimize new growth.
  • If the hailing affected your fruit tree, be sure to remove the damaged fruit. This way, you can help the remaining fruits to keep growing and increase their quality. The damaged fruit can start rotting, and if it is not removed, it can infect the remains.
  • To prevent pests from appearing around your trees, remove all the fruits that fell to the ground.
  • Hail damage can cause stress among your trees. To help your trees get better, increase irrigation and fertilization to the optimal level.
  • Damaged plants are more vulnerable to diseases and pests. This is why, after hailing, you should control your trees more often.
  • If you have very young trees and they were severely damaged, you might need to replace them with new plants.
  • Add fungicides on the wounds of bark to prevent disease entry.
  • You can also cover larger wounds of branches and trunks with water-based paint. This way you can also prevent various infections from attacking your trees.


Be sure to take care of your trees as soon as possible. Thanks to this, you can tidy up damaged areas but also prevent serious diseases from spreading. The hail can cause a lot of damage but if you act fast, you can save part of your crops and rehabilitate your trees.

Those tips can help you quickly bring your trees back to life and rehabilitate them after a natural disaster. Trees are very important for our lives and the life of our planet.

Take care of nature. Share this list with your friends to help their trees with easy steps!

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