Potential Rain, Snow in the Forecast for Thanksgiving Travelers

With millions expected for Thanksgiving this year, the Tomorrow.io meteorologists have tracked the forecast for potential weather impacts. 

So far, it looks like parts of the country will see lots of rain, chilly temperatures, and potentially snow. Despite some undesirable weather, there won’t be a massive storm. Keep reading to find out full forecast details from our Tomorrow.io meteorology team.

Wednesday Travel Impacts 

A strong, low-pressure system will bring rain and potentially snow to the Dakotas and Minnesota. Areas across the upper and central Mississippi Valley are forecast to get strong winds. The Great Lakes down through St. Louis, Little Rock, and Oklahoma City are expected to bring rain and thunderstorms. 

A developing low-pressure system over the eastern Rockies may bring snow across southeast Wyoming and Colorado. Another low-pressure system is forecast to bring showers and thunderstorms across Texas into Arkansas, Oklahoma, and northern Louisiana. This low-pressure system will strengthen as it interacts with the system in Wyoming and Colorado.

When all three pressure areas interact, it will potentially develop into a line of storms that pushes through the Southeast and Ohio Valley. The current forecast calls for heavy downpours Thursday and Friday across eastern Texas, Louisiana, and Lower Mississippi Valley. The rain will turn into snow over the Great Lakes. 

As for the Pacific Northwest, a low-pressure system is forecast to bring rain into Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver late Wednesday into Thursday. This rain will be heavy at times but will slow down Thursday night. 

Weekend Travel Impacts

Tomorrow.io Meteorologists said there’s more uncertainty with how the forecast may travel people traveling home from Thanksgiving gatherings. 

The forecast calls for potential thunderstorms and rain across the southeastern Atlantic Coast and icy conditions through the lower Midwest. However, aside from thunderstorms and rain, forecasters predict minimal impacts for most of the country. 

Though the forecast is subject to change, stay ahead of the weather with the TMRW Weather app


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