world's most inhospitable places

The Places with the Worst Weather in the World

Some places in the world simply weren’t made for humans to live in. Nonetheless, Homo Sapiens is a species that’s characterized for its stubbornness, and it manages to live a happy and fulfilling life in the world’s most inhospitable places.

Visitors to these locations tend to face the dangers of being exposed to critical weather, such as dehydration and insolation. However, only the bravest people dare to visit these natural wonders face to face.

The following list describes those sites and explains why they have such terrible weather. Keep reading to find out.

World’s Hottest City: Kuwait City, Kuwait 

World's Hottest City_Kuwait

Kuwait has an average temperature of 34.3º C, which can even reach highs of 47º C. during June, July, and August. These kinds of heatwaves can be deadly to a regular human being. The temperatures are so extreme that Kuwait’s government enforces an outdoor ban for the summer months, which forbids working outside during the afternoon.

World’s Driest City: Aswan, Egypt 

In Aswan, you may find all kinds of tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes, but you are sure to never find rain. It has an average precipitation of less than one millimeter per year. However, this city still has access to water thanks to the Nile River.

Ironically, Aswan roughly translates to “too much water.” It was named this way due to the flood cycle of the Nile River, but it’s funny nonetheless.

World’s Coldest City: Yakutsk, Russia 

Yakutsk has an average temperature of -8.8º C. However, that doesn’t show how cold it can get in the winter months. During those long and cold weeks, the temperature can reach even -40º C.

The coldest temperature ever recorded was -64.4º C. We recommend that if you’re thinking about visiting Yakust, you better pack your best winter clothes and get ready for an adventure.

World’s Rainiest City: Mawsynram, Northeastern India 

This city holds the Guinness record for the world’s rainiest city, only disputed by two Colombian cities. In 2015 Mawsynram received rainfall of 745.2 mm, which is the highest rain this town has endured so far.

On average, this city receives 10,000 millimeters of rain per year, most of it occurring during the monsoon months.

World’s Most Humid City: Sukkur, Pakistan 

World's Most Humid City_Sukkur

During monsoon season, Sukkur can reach temperatures of 86°F (30 °C), making it the most humid city in the world. This happens due to its proximity to the equator and the Indus River. However, its humidity index stays high all year long.

World’s Highest City: El Alto, Bolivia 

Say hi to another city with an ironic name: “El Alto,” which translates to “The Tall One,” this name honors the city’s spot on our list as the world’s highest city. It is located more than 2 ½ miles above sea level in the Altiplano plains.

Moreover, to everyone’s surprise, it has become the second most populated city in Bolivia and the largest Amerindian city in Latin America.

World’s Most Isolated City: Perth, Australia 

If you want to drive from Perth to another mildly populated city in Australia, you have to drive for two whole days through all kinds of challenging weather. However, don’t let the distance fool you, this city has been named several times as one of the best places to live in, and they have a fantastic cultural scene for you to enjoy during your visit.

Facts About the Worst Weather 

This list hasn’t ended; we still have some very interesting facts on terrible or simply amazing weather around the world. Check them out!

  • The highest temperature ever recorded happened in Furnace Creek, California, United States
  • Costa Rica, Cyprus, and Greece are some countries with allegedly perfect weather.
  • One of the hottest places on earth is called Death Valley, and it is home to around 300 people
  • Even Egypt has gotten snow from time to time
  • Finland has the longest winter in the world
  • Mobile, AL is the rainiest city in the US
  • Indonesia has no summers
  • The tsunami in Thailand of 2004 has been the deadliest natural disaster


World's Highest City_El Alto

If you’re looking for an adventure and aren’t scared of the extremes, we highly encourage getting to know more about these places. They are fascinating options that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life. Don’t be scared of becoming an adventurer!

Nonetheless, please make sure you educate yourself enough about these places before embarking on your trip. Remember that your safety must be your top priority at all times. You wouldn’t want to risk your life for only a couple of Instagram pictures.

Please share this article with your friends and family who love traveling and encourage them to learn everything about the most challenging weather on earth.

FAQs about Places with the Worst Weather 

If you have any more questions, check out our FAQ section with the most interesting questions we were asked.

Which Place Has the Worst Weather in the World?

Mount Washington. It has the second fastest wind speed ever recorded, as it reaches 231 mph (372 kph), which makes this mountain in the heart of New England one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Which City’s Weather Is the Strangest?

Birmingham, UK. This city can make you go through all seasons in one day due to being exposed to the Jet and Gulf Stream, which makes it difficult for the forecasting news to predict an entire day.

Which Country Experiences the Most Severe Weather?

Haiti. Every six out of 100,000 people die in this country due to terrible weather. Its climate constantly leads to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes, resulting in catastrophes for its inhabitants.

Which Country Has Perfect Weather?

Costa Rica. This country was the best voted in the Expat Insider survey, and due to its low cost of life and work-life balance, it has become one of the favorite places for Americans to go.

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