Make Better Weather-Related Decisions with TMRW Premium

Traditional weather forecasts can often be overwhelming to interpret. So how do you take the surplus of information given to you daily and make the best decisions? It’s hard. 

TMRW Premium cuts out the unwanted noise of traditional weather forecasts by providing you access to unlimited alerts, a 14-day forecast, lightning detection, precipitation outlook, and no ads. 

14-Day Forecast 

The month of December is busy for most people who enjoy celebrating various holidays. The weather, as always, can be unpredictable, but especially during the winter months. Access to the forecast 14 days advance will ensure you plan for all your holiday shenanigans properly. 

Premium doesn’t just show you the temperature 14 days in advance. Instead, you get an in-depth look at the forecast, including precipitation chances, dew point, humidity, air quality, and more. 

Unlimited Alerts 

Fully customizable weather alerts help you stay ahead of the forecast in the most efficient way possible. You don’t have to open the app and dig through the information to know when temperatures drop below freezing. Instead, alerts will let you know before a weather condition is about to occur. 

Premium gives you access to the following notifications: 

  • Daily Forecast 
  • Severe Weather 
  • Next Precipitation 
  • Lightning 
  • Freezing 
  • Take an Umbrella 
  • Poor Air Quality 
  • High Winds 
  • Heatwave 
  • Sunscreen

If the above conditions don’t meet your needs, you also can create a custom weather alert. 

Lightning Detection

Although a lightning discharge strikes just one spot on the ground, it travels many miles through the air. When it thunders, a sharp crack or click indicates that lightning just passed nearby. If the thunder sounds more like a rumble, then the lightning was more than several miles away. You can calculate how far the lightning is away by listening to the thunder. Or, you can use TMRW Premium to remove all math equations and estimations. 


TMRW Premium displays exactly where lightning struck on the radar map, advising you of the safest steps you can take at that moment. 

Know precisely when lightning strikes and where it struck near you to keep your family and home as safe as possible. 

6hr Precipitation Forecast 

TMRW Premium provides a minute-by-minute precipitation forecast. When rain is on the way, you get a detailed look at when it might slow down or pick up over the next six hours. 


No Ads 

The final benefit of going Premium: no more ads! Get the information you need faster by cutting out all the noise from our advertising partners. 

Ready to go Premium? Download the TMRW Weather App to lock in 50% off for Black Friday. 

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