How to Know Spring Arrives: Signs to Recognize

Photo by Aniket Bhattacharya on Unsplash

Spring equinox has just arrived, so you may already be noticing some of the changes and signs that come with this season. Say goodbye to the winter snow, start to enjoy the blooming flowers, and begin to yearn for some delightful weather. There isn’t a single person whose mood doesn’t improve when they notice the spring’s first signs.

Don’t keep all the pleasant hints of spring to yourself. Go ahead and share the article with your friends to look forward to enjoying this season with them! Here are 12 signs that let you know springtime has arrived.

Flowering Bulbs

The first thing that comes to mind whenever people hear the word spring is flowering bulbs. Some flowers that paint the colorful picture of warm spring in our minds are the classic tulips, daffodils, and crocuses.

However, the first flower bulb that pops up in spring is the snowdrop. This small white flower that symbolizes hope can bloom as early as February. They get their name from the fact that they often bloom through a layer of snow. The moment you see them, you start to long for spring.

First flowers

Leaves Begin to Sprout

Another easily recognizable sign of spring is that leaves begin to burst out from the trees’ buds. When trees start to leaf out, there isn’t any doubt that spring finally came. Before that, you might even see some beautiful and small flowers sprouting from trees, like the red maple, which tends to grow out mid-March. However, the budding of trees brings with it inconvenient spring allergies.

Leaves sprout


When you thought you finally escaped the winter colds, you have to bring out the tissues once again. With the tree buds’ opening, the pollen starts to float around, trying to find its way to suitable flowers. The tree’s pollen, along with the mold, is the leading cause of springtime allergies. However, a runny nose and itchy eyes are small prices to pay for experiencing the excellent fresh air of spring.

Wild Garlic

It’s one of the most sought-after ingredients for cooking and a favorite amongst chefs. You only need to go for a walk in the woodlands during spring to find swathes of wild garlic with an unmistakable strong aromatic scent. Look for its lush green leaves that sprout in March and their delicate white flowers in April.


Once springtime begins, you may start to hear the flight of the bumblebees. The first ones to emerge are the queen bumblebees, which have spent the entirety of winter hibernating alone. When they wake up, they start to look for plenty of food and a suitable nesting site in a sunny, dry, and undisturbed area, ready to create a new colony and continue their species.


The First Butterflies

When the sun starts to leak through, and the temperatures begin to rise, it’s only a matter of time before you see the first butterfly of the season. They are a wonderful addition to the vibrant colors of spring. If you want to attract some of these butterflies to your yard, you can leave some fruit out or plant some flowers where they can lay their eggs, such as marigolds or cosmos.


The Cuckoo’s Calling

Tradition dictates that spring hasn’t arrived until you listen to the first cuckoo from the bird whose name comes from its calling. During winter, many of these birds begin their migratory journey to several parts of the world. They reach their destinations a little after spring officially begins, and some leave only after a couple of weeks to continue their migration.

Birds Chirping

If you thought that only people were excited about spring, you were wrong. Birds are as enthusiastic for this season as people are, and they celebrate its arrival with beautiful songs. The peaceful springtime soundtrack of the sparrows, wrens, dunnocks, and robins fills the air, and as we get deeper into spring, the louder their melody becomes.

Woodpeckers Drumming

Like bird songs, one of the signs of early spring is the drumming of woodpeckers as they tap the tree to establish territories or attract mates. They may also simply be communicating with another bird. Woodpeckers like to drum on the loudest surface they can find, so it’s almost impossible not to hear the rhythmically tapping they perform.


People Lose Their Winter Layers

The weather during early spring is considerably varied. Some days, it can be pretty cold, while the next day may be moderately warm. However, a clear sign that spring has come is when you notice that people are dropping their winter layers. There may be days when you see both people entirely wrapped up and others without a jacket, but as spring passes, more people leave their coats at home.

Everyone Is Outdoors

With winter getting everybody cooped up for a couple of months, the coming of spring is a yearned sign for people to leave their homes and enjoy the weather as much as possible. Your favorite restaurants begin to open up their outdoor sections, and when you go there to eat, you might find all the seats taken as people flock to enjoy a meal in the spring weather. Coworkers leave their offices for lunch, and when you get home from work, there’s still sunlight.


Springtime Sports Are On

You can tell that spring has begun when the baseball season starts. Any avid sports fan can probably tell which season it is just by looking at which sport is currently on air. The NFL season has just ended, and its draft is coming up in April, and March Madness has begun just before the spring equinox.


These are some of the signs that let you know that spring has finally arrived or is coming very soon. Most people spend the entirety of winter being quite inactive, dreaming of the next season’s coming. Once you recognize that springtime is here, make sure to enjoy the season and all that comes with it as much as you can. Share this guide with your friends and bring the spring mood to them!