Feels like temperature

What Is Feels Like Temperature and How to Measure It

To keep healthy and comfortable, you need to know which clothes to wear. Often, people check the forecast to verify the temperature and decide what to wear accordingly. However, general weather information might not be enough. You have to know how the temperature feels.

What is the feels like temperature, and how do meteorologists measure it? Keep reading this article to learn more and be ready for any weather.

What Is Feels Like Temperature?

The feels like temperature is a temperature that people can experience while being outside. It takes into consideration humidity, wind speed, and calculates how the human body actually feels temperature.

On a windier day, you can experience more cold, even if the air temperature doesn’t change. During a humid summer day, you can feel more uncomfortable than on a hotter but drier day.

Whether is the case, be it cold or warm, the impact of wind and humidity on the feeling temperature can be very big. By knowing the feels like temperature, you can get ready for outside conditions.

Temperature vs. Feels Like Temperature: What’s the Difference?

The temperature that you see on the broadcast forecast or on the internet indicates the temperature of the air. They don’t take into account how the human body actually experiences the temperature. The ‘feels like’ temperature gives a much better idea of how you are going to feel while being outside. Nowadays, many more forecasts take into consideration factors that can influence the feels like temperature.

How Do Meteorologists Calculate ‘Feels Like’ Temperature?

Meteorologists calculate feels like temperature by analyzing the following factors:

  • air temperature,
  • relative humidity,
  • the strength of the wind (measured at around five feet).

Additionally, they confront it with the knowledge of the human body. They know how heat is lost during cold days and how the body keeps it when it’s hot.

What Is the Heat Index?

The heat index or the apparent temperature is the way that the human body feels the temperature in the humid air. The relative humidity is combined with the air temperature.

The heat index is a very important measurement. It shows the comfort of the body during a hot day. When the body is too hot, it perspires to get rid of excessive heat and cool itself off. In a more humid environment, cooling off the body this way is more complicated.

What Is the Wind Chill Factor?

When the wind is very intense, you might quickly notice that the temperature feels much lower than it is in reality. The temperature that humans feel because of the wind is called the wind chill factor.

The wind chill factor is especially noticeable on winter days. Let’s say that the air temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit. With the wind blowing at 25 mph, the feels temperature might drop to eight Fahrenheit.

Why Does Wind Make You Feel Colder Than It Really Is?

On days without wind, you can protect yourself with a layer of warm clothes. The heat stays close to your body. Thanks to that, you feel warmer.

On windy days, the wind goes through your layers and gets rid of the warmth that is gathered around your body. Because of that, you lose the heat faster and feel colder than the air temperature suggests.

Why Does Humidity Raise the Temperature?

When water evaporates, your body feels cooler. In places with high humidity, the sweat takes more time to evaporate, and because of that, your skin temperature gets higher. As an effect, you feel warmer than it really is.

How Do You Estimate a ‘Feels Like’ Temperature?

You have to take into account the predicted air temperature, but also the strength of the wind, and relative humidity. Moreover, you have to combine this data with your understanding of how the human body behaves on cold and warm days.


Before leaving your house, check what is the feeling temperature. Don’t wear clothes according to the air temperature as it might not be accurate. If you find this article useful, share it with your friends and family, so they can wear clothes according to the feels like temperature, and not only the general one.