A Look at the Thanksgiving Forecast: One Week Out

If you’re planning to travel to see family and friends this Thanksgiving, or even if you just need information to decide whether to have a post-dinner walk or stay inside with a movie, you need to keep an eye on the weather.

What does Thanksgiving weather 2021 have in store for us? Read on to find out.

A Major Cold Front is Brewing in the East

Brace yourself for a cold front on Turkey (or vegan turkey) day if you’re in the East. 

According to the Weather Prediction Centre (WPC), “Potential continues for a strong cold front and significant storm to affect the East early next week. The upper trough and a possible embedded low may support potentially significant low pressure that would affect portions of the East and requires monitoring given the busy Thanksgiving holiday travel week.”

WPC says that temperatures in the East could be 5-10℉ below normal. However, they also noted low confidence in this storm forecast, which means it could change before the day. 

Unsettled Weather Across the North 

Unsettled weather is likely to be present across much of the north part of the country, including Northeast and New England; Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Midwest, North Central, and North West.

The Southwest will initially have unsettled weather, but this should clear slowly. The Southeast is likely to have gusty and showery conditions throughout the day. 

Squally Weather Possible 

A squall is a sudden increase in wind speed that lasts minutes. Squalls differ from wind gusts, which generally last seconds. 

Squally weather is likely in South Central for Thanksgiving early on, but this should gradually clear throughout the day. 

Ohio Valley, the Northern Rockies, and Northern Plains will also have squalls for much of Thanksgiving. 

At Tomorrow.io, we wish you a peaceful and joyous Thanksgiving, regardless of the weather and however you spend it!


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