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Monitor for weather threats approaching your assets.

Learn more about Geofence for your specific use case.

Introduce new safety buffers

Navigate operational challenges.
Gain visibility on asset risks.

Streamline suspension and resumption procedures by continouosly observing inclement weather conditions in the vicinity of your locations.

Choose the right bounding box to drive confident decisions


A closed shape, such as the outline of a lake, crop, or city footprints. Allow forecasters to reduce the false alarm area, without reducing the more important probability of detection and lead time.


A series of points representing a line, such as a road or a river or a route between two locations. Track conditions along a path to identify abnormalities and take precautionary measures.

Climatic zoning

Define insights suitable to each region classification.

Categorize locations by their characteristics, adapt the monitiored weather condition thresholds and be notified only on what counts.


How does use Geofences?

Weather Intelligence Platform

Customers define the asset areas, and get live weather conditions as well as alerts to ensure operations safety and efficiency.
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Personal Weather Assistant

Users can see all severe weather advisories surrounding their location and the recommended action to be taken.
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