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VIDEO: How Does Work? Learn About the Weather Intelligence Platform

Ever wonder how the technology behind the platform works? 

Well, you’re in luck! We put together this quick, 2-minute overview video to give you the rundown:

The key components of include:

  • Map View
  • Monitors
  • Predictive Insights Dashboard
  • Dynamic Alerts’s Map View

While also aesthetically pleasing to look at,’s interactive map has more than 30 different weather parameters that can be tracked based on what’s important to your business. These parameters can also be integrated directly into your existing applications by using our API.

Each parameter also has its own color-coded layer so you can visualize the weather’s impact using the map at a hyperlocal level—in both the short-term and long-term.


Many of our customers find the map view helpful when drilling into or monitoring a specific weather event, but the real value comes from leveraging what we like to call Monitors. 

With Monitors, you can add predictive insights and alerts to any location so you don’t have to worry about continually watching forecasts and trying to interpret what it means for you. 

Insights Dashboard

Which brings us to the power of the Insights Dashboard.

With the Insights Dashboard, you can easily see the predictive impact of forecasted weather on your operations—with customized dashboards and sophisticated insights built to help you monitor any industry and job, in any location around the world. Instead of seeing a weather forecast which you still have to interpret, you’re able to view a forecast of exactly what preparedness or response plans you’ll need to enact. 

Dynamic Alerts

Finally, to ensure a single source of weather truth and streamlined team communication, you can assign alerts and notifications to specific people or groups, sending at any time via email, text, or integrated into your company’s communication system of choice. By sending updates ahead of weather’s impact, you can ensure your team is optimizing operational plans, revenue and efficiency, as well as safety procedures.

You can’t control the weather, but you can control the outcome by using’s AI-powered business insights engine and all-in-one weather intelligence platform.

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