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Kelly Peters
By Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Currently Tomorrow.io's Director of Marketing, Kelly Peters is a growth-focused marketing leader with 10+ years of experience driving strategic communications and demand-focused initiatives for brands like CNBC, NBCUniversal, Dicks Sporting Goods, and JazzHR. At Tomorrow.io, she leads a dynamic team of growth and AI marketers in driving revenue with bold storytelling, radical creativity, and, above all else, human connection. Kelly graduated from Syracuse University and lives in Pittsburgh, PA.
Nov 8, 2022· 2 min, 56 sec

Tomorrow.io Selected to Provide Weather Forecasting Technology Throughout all of JetBlue’s Flight Operations

Having started in one airport five years ago, Tomorrow.io is now being implemented as JetBlue’s end-to-end solution for global ground and flight operations.

Tomorrow.io, the world’s leading weather and climate security program, announced today that JetBlue has selected the company to be its end-to-end weather forecasting technology across all global operations, including providing its on-site EWINS program. The contract was awarded after a request for purchase process in which JetBlue extensively evaluated weather and climate solutions in order to identify the best global partner.

The selection serves as a strategic culmination to a journey that began five years ago when Tomorrow.io and JetBlue first began working together on ground operations at Logan Airport in Boston. After seeing the impact Tomorrow.io was able to have on efficiency, the airline’s venture capital subsidiary JetBlue Ventures participated in the company’s Series A funding round. During the past four years, Tomorrow.io worked alongside both JetBlue Ventures and JetBlue to grow from a single airport to company-wide adoption.

“We’re delighted to see the progress Tomorrow.io has made along with JetBlue in the past few years,” said Amy Burr, President at JetBlue Ventures. “At our time of investment in Tomorrow.io, it was clear that the innovative vision they had was going to be the next-generation of forecasting in the aviation industry, and this relationship is a testament to JetBlue Ventures’ original mission to bring innovative technologies to our parent company.”

With no shortage of challenges facing the aviation industry, including unpredictable weather and heightened sustainability goals, the implementation of Tomorrow.io comes at the perfect time for JetBlue. The number of weather events impacting airline operations are increasing every year, demanding operations teams to be more climate resilient or else risk major delays and cost. By utilizing Tomorrow.io’s industry leading weather intelligence platform, JetBlue has now armed their operations with the technology needed to predict and mitigate weather disruptions.

“The sheer number of weather events and the impact of those events affecting airlines each year has vastly grown over the years,” said Itai Zlotnik, Co-Founder and CCO at Tomorrow.io. “Having worked with JetBlue Ventures and JetBlue during the past few years, we are extremely proud of the value Tomorrow.io has been able to deliver to meaningfully improve their operational efficiency, and we are excited about what the future holds.”

JetBlue operates more than 1,000 flights per day across 100 global destinations, and mitigating disruptions from weather has been the centerpiece for Tomorrow.io and JetBlue’s partnership from inception. The teams have worked together on tactical solutions such as predictive de-icing programs, estimated to be saving JetBlue $50,000 per month per hub, as well as longer-term projects around how to improve operations against an increasing number of annual weather events.

“JetBlue strives first and foremost to be the innovation leader when it comes to safety and efficiency,” said Steve Olson, Vice President of JetBlue’s System Operations Center. “With Tomorrow.io, we have found the right partner for us for both day-to-day operations, as well as sustainability goals related to climate resiliency and our overall ESG strategy. 

From a technology standpoint, the next significant milestone for Tomorrow.io is the launch of the first-of-its-kind, commercial weather satellite constellation equipped with radars and microwave sounders. Tomorrow.io’s space program will democratize access to global weather forecasting and enable organizations across all industries to prepare for and mitigate the business impact of weather.

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