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Ruth Favela
By Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela is Tomorrow.io's AI Marketer. She draws on over 5 years of experience as an editor, writer, and social media manager for AI startups, B2B SaaS, and B2C products. In her role, Ruth focuses on using AI tools to create customer-first content for the various industries Tomorrow.io has solutions for. She writes about weather innovations, AI/ML modeling, weather API applications, weather AI use cases, and much more.
May 25, 2023· 2 min, 20 sec

Tomorrow.io Enters ChatGPT’s Plugin Store as the First Weather Forecasting Plugin

Tomorrow.io, the leading provider of cutting-edge weather intelligence solutions, is thrilled to announce its entrance as the first and only weather forecast plug-in to join ChatGPT’s highly anticipated marketplace. Being first to launch in the marketplace marks a significant milestone for Tomorrow.io within the weather technology industry as the unrivaled pioneer and leader.

As the inaugural weather forecast plugin in ChatGPT’s marketplace, Tomorrow.io sets a new standard for delivering real-time weather insights and forecasts to ChatGPT’s extensive user base. By integrating Tomorrow.io’s weather intelligence, users can predict, plan, and adapt to weather via contextualized insights about the forecast.

Tomorrow.io recently made headlines by announcing the success of their historic satellite launch, paving the way for groundbreaking advancement in global weather forecasting. The launch included the on-orbit operation of its first satellite, Tomorrow-R1, now orbiting at 500 km above Earth in a polar orbit, and carrying a Ka-band radar ideally suited for detecting precipitation and critical ocean parameters. Tomorrow-R1 marks the first step in deploying the Tomorrow.io constellation of active and passive sensors, which will achieve breakthroughs in global weather forecasting and climate observation – near real-time scans of precipitation and atmospheric profiles for any point on Earth.

Tomorrow.io’s inclusion as the first mover in ChatGPT’s marketplace is yet another testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer-centricity. With a proven track record of pioneering advancements in weather technology, Tomorrow.io continues to revolutionize the industry. In addition to Tomorrow.io’s satellite announcement, Tomorrow.io also recently unveiled the industry’s first weather & climate generative AI, nicknamed Gale, fully customizable to user needs and goals. What separates Tomorrow.io’s AI technology from other weather AI’s in the market is its inputs from space, as the only company in the world with access to its Tomorrow-R1 radar data. 

“We are honored to enter as the first weather forecast plug-in in ChatGPT’s marketplace,” said Cole Swain, VP of Product at Tomorrow.io. “This plugin launch represents the convergence of two industry leaders committed to pushing the boundaries of technology. By integrating our cutting-edge weather intelligence into ChatGPT’s marketplace, we are providing users with the tools they need to make smarter decisions about weather and unlock new capabilities to improve operations and mitigate safety risks.”

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, such as machine learning and advanced analytics, Tomorrow.io’s platform processes vast amounts of data from multiple sources, including satellites, radars, and proprietary data sources to deliver highly accurate and actionable weather insights. Whether it’s forecasting severe weather events, optimizing supply chain logistics, or ensuring the safety of field operations, Tomorrow.io’s platform equips businesses and governments with the predictive information they need to stay ahead of the weather and take control.

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