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X’s Road Risk Score: When Weather Meets the Road

BOSTON, June 18, 2019., the weather technology company, today launched its Road Risk Score, a rating system of how current and forecasted weather conditions impact road conditions on a road-by-road level across the U.S.

Weather conditions have a huge impact on driving conditions, reducing visibility, lowering speed, increasing stopping times, causing delays and often necessitating an alternative route. The issue is particularly acute for industries with a significant number of drivers, including transportation and mobility companies. In the future, this type of information will, of course, be critical for autonomous vehicles as well.’s 5-point rating scale lets drivers know what to expect on the road, up to 18 hours before reaching the impacted area. A rating of 1, for example, indicates low weather-related driving risk, while a rating of 3 is “moderate risk: drive slowly. Roads may be wet/icy with poor visibility.”

  1. Low weather-related driving risk
  2. Some risk: be alert. Roads may be damp, visibility may be impaired
  3. Moderate risk: drive slowly. Roads may be wet/icy, poor visibility
  4. High risk: plan accordingly, use extra caution
  5. Severe risk: avoid travel if you can is bringing its Weather-of-Things approach — a combination of new data from the connected world and proprietary, high-resolution models — to the road and creating unprecedented visibility on road risks. To create the Road Risk Score, analyzes multiple weather parameters, including precipitation, temperature, humidity, visibility, and wind speed, as well as the interaction between them and how those are likely to impact road conditions and risk.

Yuval Gonczarowski, Chief Technology Officer at, commented: “Anyone who has driven in the rain, let alone more significant weather conditions, has first-hand experience of the impact mother nature has on road risks. Based on’s unique weather forecasting capabilities, the Road Risk Score gives companies a ’road forecast’ that allows their drivers to plan around weather-related hazards, from avoiding delays to optimizing routes to, most importantly, increasing safety for drivers and customers.”

The Road Risk Score provides coverage anywhere in the continental U.S., allowing drivers who travel from state-to-state to have consistent and comparable information on Road Risks along their route.

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