“The locusts arrived, spent the night, and in the morning they entered my farm. They destroyed my maize, millet, green grams and even my fodder… If we had known, we would have prepared, organised ourselves, protected our water from droppings and contamination, harvested early”Farmer, Katitika Village, Kenya 2020 

TomorrowNow.org is proud to announce the launch of Project Locust, a collaborative partnership alongside Kenarava Group Ltd, Digital Green, The Bug Picture and Tomorrow.io to enable inclusive climate action with on-time alerts and just-in-time trainings for farmers, by farmers for the desert locust crisis in the Horn of Africa. As winner of the CGIAR Platform for Big Data Inspire Prize and with support from ICARDA and JDC GRID, we are putting farmers at the center of a mobile solution that leverages the latest weather and farming innovations to ensure communities are equipped with the knowledge they need to proactively prepare for and mitigate the impacts of the desert locust and other climate related disasters.  

Desert Locusts Are A Direct Result Of the Climate Crisis And Those Most Vulnerable Are Least Equipped To Adapt 

If it wasn’t for COVID-19, the locust crisis would be the most significant challenge facing Africa this decade and climate triggered events such as locust swarms are predicted to become more frequent, with those most vulnerable the least equipped to adapt and act to protect their livelihoods.

We Can Avert Future Climate Crisis With On-Time Alerts And Just-in-Time Trainings 

Our approach has three core components: 

Together, We Can Beat the Desert Locust  

We are a multi-stakeholder group, including: TomorrowNow.org, Kenarava Group Ltd, Digital Green, The Bug Picture, Tomorrow.io and ICARDA who are working together to build a climate action system aimed at delivering community-based, localized insights that will provide millions of farmers with the ability to be better prepared, make crop-saving decisions and directly benefit from desert locust infestations.

We’re also continuing to build partnerships across Kenya and around the world to make our vision a reality and welcome others who share our purpose and can contribute to the locust crisis to get in touch. Our approach is not to reinvent the wheel, but to identify and leverage climate action capabilities locally and globally that are already effective and being invested in, and then come together around the locust use case to make sure that farmers everywhere can be prepared for the next climate crisis. 

Project Locust won the Inspire Prize 2020 by CGIAR Platform for Big Data, is supported by ICARDA and also funded by JDC Grid.

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