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Need a Dark Sky API Replacement?

You may have seen the news: the Dark Sky API is shutting down.

The company has been acquired by Apple — which is exciting news for them — but a disappointment for many of their users and partners. If you’re a fan of their Android app or pull their weather data into your product at all, you need a Dark Sky replacement.

That’s where can help. We’re here to fill the gap for anyone left in the lurch by Dark Sky today. We have a powerful weather API that offers:

A Developer-First Platform

Our weather API offers a seamless integration experience with in-depth API documentation. The API is organized in a RESTful, stable endpoint structure and administered over HTTPS response codes and authentication. The API has predictable URLs, request query and body parameters, and JSON-encoded responses.

In-Depth Weather Data

With more than 60 different data fields available, including weather, air quality, pollen, road risk and fire index, you can build almost anything weather-related. Access the weather data you need, including historical, real-time, NowCasting, hourly, and daily forecasts. You can also use the data points to create custom Insights that will trigger events whenever the conditions are met.

All-in-One Data

Use’s API as your single source of truth for all your weather data needs

Personalized Insights

Find relevant weather insights from our insights library or create your own

Data-Powered Decisions

Implement meaningful webhook alerts and trigger teams to take better actions

Need a replacement for your Dark Sky data as soon as possible?

Learn more about’s weather API now!

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