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By Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
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Nov 21, 2023· 2 min, 47 sec

Introducing’s Revolutionary Wind Power Prediction Model

    The energy industry is becoming more weather-dependent on both the demand and generation side. Renewables like wind and solar power, in particular, are heavily impacted by weather volatility. With this increased exposure, energy companies require cutting-edge weather intelligence to inform operational decisions and risk management strategies. Comprehensive and precise forecasting enables grid operators to capitalize on intermittent renewables while still maintaining reliability.’s Leap into Advanced Energy Data Solutions, a leader in meteorological innovation, has launched an exciting addition to its energy data suite: a high-precision wind power prediction model. This state-of-the-art model represents a significant step forward in weather data solutions for the energy and commodities trading market.

    An Innovative Focus on Wind Power Generation’s wind power prediction model is uniquely tailored to provide high-resolution forecasting capabilities. The model offers detailed predictions for wind power generation, both at farm, nodal, and system levels, for the critical 0-48 hour forecast window empowering both day-ahead and spot-market power trading strategies.

    Cutting-Edge Technology and Data Integration

    Leveraging advanced numerical weather prediction techniques combined with machine learning,’s model stands out in the industry. The core of this innovation is the prediction of 11 vertical wind profiles, integrated with a proprietary machine learning algorithm. This algorithm is trained on historical observational power production data that has been meticulously quality controlled together with various other factors influencing production, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

    Quantifying Uncertainty for Enhanced Risk Management

    One of the model’s most groundbreaking features is its ability to deliver a calibrated probabilistic forecast. This sophisticated approach quantifies uncertainty, enabling enhanced risk management and more effective hedging strategies for energy traders. This feature is crucial for maintaining accuracy over extended lead times, providing a significant edge in the fast-paced world of energy trading.

    Comprehensive Energy Data Suite

    The wind power prediction model is part of a comprehensive energy data suite offered by This suite encompasses a wide range of data products, including temperature, precipitation, solar irradiance, severe weather advisories, and many more products across the 100+ weather data product offers the market. As a weather company innovating how we sense, predict, and understand weather end-to-end, ensures that its clients receive a holistic view of potential impacts on energy generation and trading with its suite of energy products.

    • Wind Power (Forecast, Probabilistic)
    • Temperature (Historical and Forecast, Probabilistic)
    • Precipitation and Snowfall (Historical and Forecast, Probabilistic)
    • Wind Power (Historical and Forecast, Probabilistic)
    • Solar Irradiance (Historical and Forecast)
    • Cloud Cover and Visibility (Historical and Forecast)
    • Humidity (Historical and Forecast, Probabilistic)
    • Pressure (Historical and Forecast, Probabilistic)
    • Wave and Tidal (Historical and Forecast)
    • Severe Weather Advisories

    Empowering Energy Traders with Advanced Forecasting

    For energy traders, this means access to cutting-edge data products and tools that can optimize trading, pricing, and forecasting strategies. The ability to navigate and capitalize on various overlapping scenarios across this suite can significantly enhance profitability and operational efficiency.

    Conclusion: A Game-Changer in Weather Prediction and Energy Trading’s wind power prediction model is more than just a technological achievement; it’s a game-changer for the energy trading market. With its focus on precision, innovation, and comprehensive data integration, is setting new standards in weather prediction and energy data solutions. This launch marks a significant milestone in the journey towards more accurate, reliable, and actionable weather data for the energy industry.

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