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Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Apr 5, 2022· 0 min, 48 sec
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters is's Senior Content Marketing Manager. She draws on 7+ years of experience in marketing and communications with brands like NBCUniversal, Dick's Sporting Goods, and JazzHR to create high-value content that showcases the power of weather intelligence.

How Fox Sports Enhances the Sports Broadcast Experience With the Help of

Fox Sports is a leader in sports broadcasting. As an umbrella for television networks, digital and mobile programming, broadband platforms, and more, their brands are capable of reaching more than 100 million viewers in a single weekend.

With all eyes on their programming, the team at Fox Sports aims to create the most compelling, seamless sports television experience in the country. But this isn’t always possible when external factors, like the weather, disrupt operations.

No one knows this better than Brad Cheney, Vice President of Field Operations and Engineering at Fox Sports. Brad and his team are responsible for developing and executing cutting-edge broadcast workflows regardless of what’s going on outside.

Learn how Fox Sports uses’s weather intelligence technology to better adapt to the operational impact of weather on their broadcast experiences.


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