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Gareth Goh
By Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh
Gareth Goh is a product marketing manager at, working on the company's enterprise and SMB products. He previously worked at DataRobot, an AI startup, and InsightSquared, a sales analytics startup, in the Boston area. When he isn't diving into weather technology he enjoys spending time with his young baby and watching sports.
Apr 28, 2022· 1 min, 10 sec

How Ford Performance Racing Gains a Competitive Edge with Weather Intelligence

For many users, implementing weather intelligence into their operations allows them to be safer and more efficient with their existing business processes. But for some – like Ford Performance Racing – having access to world-class weather intelligence and weather data affords them the opportunity to really push the boundaries and explore significant improvements in actual racing performance. While still improving the operational efficiency of all the logistical and setup tasks that go into touring the NASCAR circuit. 

For Matt Todd, NASCAR Programs and Analytics Supervisor at Ford Performance Racing, working with the platform and team has helped the racing team harness the impact of weather to gain a competitive advantage over other racing teams. 

“Wind is very important and that can have a significant impact on drag and the vehicle’s performance around the track,” said Todd. “Surface temperature is another huge factor in vehicle performance.” 

“[] makes my job a lot easier. It creates a lot of efficiencies for us with our data streams and Tomorrow’s data streams being available in one platform.” 

Watch the video to learn more about how the Ford Racing Team operates smoothly in moving from one track to another, and having to set up and operate around inclement weather. 

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