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Ruth Favela
By Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela
Ruth Favela is Tomorrow.io's AI Marketer. She draws on over 5 years of experience as an editor, writer, and social media manager for AI startups, B2B SaaS, and B2C products. In her role, Ruth focuses on using AI tools to create customer-first content for the various industries Tomorrow.io has solutions for. She writes about weather innovations, AI/ML modeling, weather API applications, weather AI use cases, and much more.
Jun 12, 2024· 4 min, 23 sec

How Eli Lilly Can Enhance Operations and Efficiency Despite Weather


    • Eli Lilly’s recent earnings announcement solidified its position as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Weather can impact manufacturing operations, supply chain logistics, and corporate resilience.
    • Tomorrow.io’s weather intelligence platform can help Eli Lilly proactively navigate weather-related challenges.
    • By optimizing manufacturing processes and supply chain logistics, Eli Lilly can ensure operational continuity.
    • Advanced AI and weather insights can support Eli Lilly in enhancing employee safety, facilitating expansion plans, and making strategic decisions.

    Eli Lilly has been making waves in the pharmaceutical industry, and their recent earnings call and report in May only solidified their position as a leader in the field.

    ‎The company showcased impressive performance, with exciting advancements in drug development and ambitious plans for manufacturing expansion. But as Eli Lilly charts its course for the future, it’s crucial that they also consider the potential impact of weather on their vast manufacturing operations, supply chain logistics, and overall corporate resilience.

    Now, you might be wondering, “Weather? What does that have to do with a pharmaceutical giant like Eli Lilly?”

    Eli Lilly is no stranger to weather-related disruptions. From manufacturing delays to distribution challenges, adverse weather conditions can seriously strain operations. With the company’s extensive global reach, they must be prepared for anything.

    Dave Ricks, Eli Lilly Chairman and CEO, said on the call, “Our focus is to bring innovative medicines to people in need. And in 2024, we’re investing in our people, our launches, expanding our pipeline of new medicines, including through business development, and of course accelerating the needed capacity in our manufacturing network.”

    This is where a weather intelligence and resilience platform can help. By integrating advanced weather intelligence into its decision-making process, Eli Lilly can proactively navigate weather-related business challenges and ensure operational continuity.

    Optimizing Manufacturing Processes Under Variable Weather Conditions

    For Eli Lilly, ensuring the smooth operation of their manufacturing processes and supply chain is paramount. Especially since they intend to meet and expand its global demand for breakthrough treatments, as evidenced by their ambitious manufacturing scaling efforts for drugs like Mounjaro and Zepbound.

    However, it’s easy to overlook the impact of weather on these critical aspects of the business.

    The weather poses a handful of challenges to pharmaceutical manufacturing and logistics, from extreme temperatures affecting the storage and transportation of raw materials and finished products to severe weather events causing delays and disruptions in logistics.

    Optimization of manufacturing operations using Tomorrow.io can preempt significant weather-induced disruptions that could impede production schedules or damage sensitive raw materials. With hyper-accurate weather forecasts and climate intelligence, Eli Lilly can safeguard against unexpected downtimes, ensuring that manufacturing sites remain operational, and drug formulations are preserved under optimal conditions.

    Supply Chain and Logistics Resilience

    As Eli Lilly ramps up its global supply chain to ensure that essential medications reach patients on time, they could benefit from advanced AI and proprietary modeling capabilities that can predict weather-related demand shifts and logistic bottlenecks.

    ‎By integrating weather intelligence into its operations, Eli Lilly can anticipate how weather patterns may impact the transportation of raw materials, the distribution of finished products, and the overall demand for specific medications in different regions.

    Weather is different all around the world and can even vary from zipcode to zipcode. Weather insights would allow the company to dynamically adjust inventory management, shipping routes, and resource allocation, minimizing the risk of supply chain disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted patient access to life-saving medications.

    Enhancing Employee Safety

    Employee safety is paramount, especially for facilities located in regions prone to severe weather. Tomorrow.io’s platform can support Eli Lilly in implementing timely safety protocols, ensuring the well-being of the workforce without compromising productivity.

    Facilitating Ambitious Expansion Plans

    Eli Lilly’s commitment to increasing their manufacturing capacity—the most ambitious expansion in the company’s history—calls for precision planning and risk management that accounts for potential weather volatility.

    Tomorrow.io’s resilience platform can offer predictive insights and readiness solutions, ensuring that construction and expansion projects stay on track despite adverse weather, from groundbreaking to operation.

    Supporting Strategic Decision-Making with Weather Insights

    With operations and clinical trial sites around the globe, Eli Lilly’s strategic decision-making must consider the variances in climatic conditions and their potential impacts. Knowing the impact of real-time weather at all times and in every location hasn’t been possible… until now.

    Tomorrow.io’s comprehensive weather analytics can provide any organization with actionable insights to make informed choices about clinical planning, production scheduling, and global logistics management, aligning operations with weather forecasts for enhanced efficiency and reduced risk.

    The Future With Resilience Tools

    Eli Lilly’s ambition to innovate and lead in pharmaceuticals is clear, with significant advancements projected through 2024 and beyond.

    AI-powered weather intelligence and resilience tools could offer Eli Lilly a unique opportunity to embed weather data deeply into its operational framework. This would strengthen its position as a leading pharmaceutical company and reinforce its commitment to delivering healthcare solutions with efficiency and resilience at its core.

    Plus, with recent updates to Tomorrow.io’s Resilience Platform, any organization can transform their operations.

    ‎For more information on how Tomorrow.io can assist Eli Lilly in achieving greater operational resilience and strategic advantages through weather intelligence, visit www.tomorrow.io or reach out to our team at [email protected].

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