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How Brazil’s Biggest Airline Adapts to Changing Conditions Across 150 Locations with

The changing forecast impacts all industries but none more, perhaps, than aviation.

This is especially true in places like Brazil, where a diverse climate often leads to volatile events like strong winds, heavy precipitation, and intense storms. Without the right preparation, these conditions cause delays and cancellations and, in the most extreme cases, can lead to grounding all flights.

No one knows this better than the team at Azul Airlines. With over 150 locations across Brazil, their team must closely monitor changing conditions to ensure safe and efficient operations at each airport.

They trust’s weather and climate security platform to predict and prepare with automated insights and alerts. Eduardo Pongeluppe, Azul’s Flight Dispatch Manager, relies on these insights to adapt operations before severe weather hits:

“When we’re informed of adverse weather, we check all the aircraft arriving at the same time, and we create an alternate plan for all other airports to make sure we can attend to customers, aircraft, and crew. This is very important and came with”

Watch to learn how Azul uses’s weather intelligence technology to adapt to changing weather conditions for safer, more efficient airline operations:

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